Aroma Diffuser Creative Ultrasonic Whisper Quiet Cool Mist Large Capacity - 14 hours

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Aroma Diffuser Creative Ultrasonic Whisper Quiet Cool Mist Large Capacity - 14 hours.

Suitable for Bedroom Office Home Living Room Study Yoga 400ML Continuous spraying 14 hours.


Use power: 9W

Water tank capacity: 400ML

Spray volume: 30ML-40ML/H

Humidification timing: 1H/3H/6H/ON;

Material quality: ABS+PP+PC

Product size: 139.93*171.8mm

Packing size: 171*171*174mm

Single net weight/gross weight 486G/753G


Working voltage: AC 100-240V 0.65A

Lighting effect: colorful LED lights

Continuous spraying for 20 hours at low level; 14 hours at high level

Applicable area: about 25-40 square meters

Automatic power-off without water: Yes

Certification: CE/FCC/EMC/RoHS/3C/PSE/KC/UL

Product standard configuration: 1 host, 1 adapter, a Chinese and English manual


Operation step:

Fill the water tank with water: Open the top cover of the product, inject suitable water and essential oil, and then drop 2-3 drops of essential oil into the sink. It is recommended not to open and add water directly when the product is working.

Charging: Insert the AC adapter plug into the socket of the household appliance. Then insert the DC plug of the AC adapter into the main DC socket.




Press the timing button on the right to control the working time of the product, the green indicator lights from left to right are timing 1H/3H/6H/ON

Long press the "mist" button for 2 seconds to adjust the amount of fog. One beep of "di" is for heavy fog switching, and two beeps of "didi" are for small fog.



Press the light button to select the LED light, the first gear will automatically cycle through the colorful lights, and the light color can be switched manually every time you press it.



Clean the water storage tank: In order to prevent the pollution of the water storage tank from causing peculiar smell, it can be rinsed with clean water or wiped with a soft cloth to keep the water storage tank clean.


Note: In the case of high frequency of use, it is recommended to clean once a week. If you do not use it for a long time, do not leave water in the humidifier. (Be sure to use the humidifier to stop the operation and cut off the power before cleaning operation)