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Ginger Essential Oil - 100ml

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The Most Powerful Product for your Household! The natural ginger essential oil is the perfect self-healing for those suffering from excessive swelling, lymphedema, edema, esophagus, spider veins, and varicose veins. It's also great for pain or arthritis. Just a drop of this potent essential oil can be used to relieve stress and nausea as well. Order now before we ran out of stock.

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  • Standard benefits:
    - Antioxidant
    - Anti-inflammatory
    - Pain relief
  • Emotional benefits:
    - You'll feel like you're taking care of yourself and your health.
    - You'll be using a natural product to help with pain relief.

An Essential Oil That the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

This amazing natural product is designed for different age groups – from children to adults, and even the elderly! It will surely help you ease away the discomfort.


There is no time to wait!

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  • Ginger Oil.
  • Grape-seed oil.
  • Activating blood and dissolving stasis oil.
  • Size:  BIG BOTTLE: (100 ml / 3.4 Fl. Oz), SMALL BOTTLE: (30 ml / 1 Fl. Oz.)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 474 reviews
Mafaufauta Matafele (Waldorf, US)

This Ginger Essential Oil is a miracle. I’m using it since 3 weeks, very satisfied with the product. I’m using for my knees and back pain. The seller, Simeon is very nice and patient. He put a gift in my order too. One tip that helps get faster results: use 2 or times per day, do not wipe after rubbing for 1-2 minutes. I will always recommend Natural Zebra. I have been trying for a longtime from different stores. Their oils are different, very satisfied.

Customer (Tucson, US)
Save me from PAD.

I have feet damage from PAD WHICH IS NERVE DAMAGE AND THIS GINGER OIL HELP TREMENDOUSLY ..To me it's like a miracle.I could hardly walk ....
Thank u so so much ...👍

cynthia graham (Waldorf, US)
Great Ginger Oil

This Ads pop up on my screen, I clicked on it. I have some difficulty to checkout because I don’t have an email address. Thankful I called this gentleman who was so nice 👍🏾 He gave me an email to use. Everything was perfect. The package arrived just in 4 days, well protected with double Bubble waterproof envelope. Surprised to be FREE? No, he is so good to paid the shipping fees. I applied just for few weeks, my daughter noticed a big difference. This is nice for my ankle pain and swelling. I will definitely buy again. Thank you Natural Zebra. 👌 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mary Redman (Buckhannon, US)

I used the ginger oil again last night. I have had both knees replaced. I have no problem with my right leg. However my left leg has not only a replaced but an ankle that has a metal plate and screws for an accident that happened in my 40s and I frequently have pain in that leg. I use the ginger oil on my knee down to my entire foot and it gives my very good relief. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Cathy J (East Syracuse, US)
Wish I took a before & after shots!

I bought it to reduce swelling in my calves, and pain. Helps with both! For kicks I applied to under arms bc I heard it tightens the under arm “waddle”. Wish I took before and after shots! My daughter noticed without me telling her about it! 😁💪

Joyce Taylor (Memphis, US)
Ginger Essential Oil

I love this item it’s great for so many things, stiffness,headaches, just great for so many. Things. Thanks!

lucille mill

Love it fast service will order again

Jamey Hansen (Oakhurst, US)
Love and it’s great for my knee

Just tried placing an order

Kimberley Ramsey (Paterson, US)

Ginger Essential Oil Benefits for Therapy - Bigger Size (3.4 Fl. Oz / 100 ml)

Janet Smith (Modesto, US)
It works.

I put this on my leg and foot that swell up.
The swelling went down. I use it 2X a day.