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Healthyline | SOFT Mat Full 7224 InfraMat Pro

Healthyline | SOFT Mat Full 7224 InfraMat Pro

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The SOFT Mat Full 7224 stands out because of its crushed natural tourmaline ceramic, amethyst, and jade gemstone composition. The smaller size of the gemstones creates a surface that conforms to the contours of your body, maximizing comfort with each use. The lack of PEMF and photon lights in this model is an advantage because having fewer layers makes it flexible enough to roll up and substantially decreases the weight. We recommend using the SOFT Mat Full 7224 on the floor or in your bed because of its size. It is ideal for receiving full body therapy sessions that facilitate maximum results. If you have sensitive skin or know you are looking for something comfortable then this is the mat for you. Avoid the firm surfaces of other gemstone mats, and maintain your wellness with maximized pleasure.

12 lbs of natural amethyst gemstones
2 lbs tourmaline ceramic gemstones
2 lbs natural jade gemstones
Tension and Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy
Calming Negative Ion Therapy, at a range of up to 1500/cc
Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy, at a range of least 5-14 um

How you feel makes all the difference. Experience the mat that delivers improved wellness without compromising comfort. Our patented technology blends far-infrared rays with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to enhance your wellness potential.

 Item-Structure: Soft

Dimension: 72"x24"x1.2"

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