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Healthyline Pebble JT Bolster Firm InfraMat Pro

Healthyline Pebble JT Bolster Firm InfraMat Pro

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Designed by sleep experts the Healthyline JT Bolster Inframat Pro® is made for optimal comfort and tension relief. The outside is lined with jade and tourmaline gemstones that press into your neck to release tension. Not only can it ease neck discomfort, but it will also help reduce pain in your shoulders and upper back. Your neck, shoulder, and body will feel refreshed after each use. The heat activates the gemstones to release penetrating far-infrared rays and negative ions. With all the added benefits of jade and tourmaline, you will have revitalizing sleep experience. Relax your muscles, reduce pain and tension, and improve circulation in targeted areas with the JT Bolster.

*Due to a medical-grade silicone glue it does smell when heated

Jade gemstones
Tourmaline gemstones
Relieving stone therapy
Low-level Negative Ion Therapy
Low-level Far Infrared Rays Therapy

Sleepaway your pain with the jade and tourmaline bolster!

Item-Structure: Firm

Dimension: 17″ x 5.5″ x 3″

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