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Healthyline Amethyst Vest Extra Large Soft - Photon PEMF InfraMat

Healthyline Amethyst Vest Extra Large Soft - Photon PEMF InfraMat

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There is absolutely no better way to directly treat discomfort in your chest, shoulders, and back. When you wrap yourself in this vest, your body will absorb the rejuvenating power of heated amethyst. When heated, the gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions. These two amazing therapies not only reduce pain but also enhance your energy and mood, too! There’re even photon lights built into the vest to improve skin health. This model also comes with PEMF therapy - a form of electromagnetic therapy, that promotes an increase in overall well-being, improves the natural body’s ability to recover energy, and detoxifies itself.

Receive the all-encompassing support of 5 therapies with this gemstone vest!

5 lbs. of amethyst gemstones
Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy
Calming Negative Ion Therapy
Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy
Cell Stimulating Photon Light Therapy
Wellness Enhancing PEMF Therapy, 7.8 Hz frequency (same as the earth)

Target aches and pains in your upper body with the only gemstone vest that features 5 natural therapies!

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