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Amethyst Knee | Healthyline

Amethyst Knee | Healthyline

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Focus your attention on the area that you know needs your attention.

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, you will get optimal results from a device like this. Wrap heated amethyst, jade, and tourmaline gemstones around the pained area and feel instant relief and comfort. The stones used in this mat are mostly crushed so that it is easy to bend and soft to the touch. The far-infrared heat that the stones emit works deeply into your muscles and tissue rather than applying the heat to the surface level of the skin. When you wrap your knee with this device, you can feel the heat gently pulsate through the body in a way that guides the process.

No more overheating or burns—the Amethyst Knee’s temperature can be set to the exact degree according to your preference. Strengthen, relieve, and relax with the Amethyst Knee now.

Item-Structure: Soft

Dimension: 28"x22"x1.2"

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