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Healthyline Amethyst Belt - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro

Healthyline Amethyst Belt - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro

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Target and treat lower back and abdominal pain with the only belt that has 5 therapies! By wrapping your lower back and abdomen with this gemstone heating belt, you can finally say goodbye to constricting lower back pain. When the gemstones are heated, they release far infrared rays and negative ions to temporarily improve local circulation and relax away tension.

The redesigned Amethyst Belt Inframat Pro® now offers pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and 3 times more photon lights than its predecessor. Along with gemstone heating technology, negative ions, and far-infrared therapy, this model is designed to be flexible, and can also be applied to any part of the body to help it recover faster from daily tension, reduce muscle and joint pain, and much more. Feel healthier and stronger with the Amethyst Belt.

Item-Structure: Soft

Dimension: 54"x18"x1.2"

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