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Experience Kit for Mihigh Sauna Blanket

Experience Kit for Mihigh Sauna Blanket

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The perfect compliment for your infrared sauna experience!

 Our products provide the best in comfort and relaxation, with a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a plush robe or something light and breathable, we offer the perfect items for your sauna session. Shop our selection now to find the perfect fit! 

All our items are designed to be machine-washable and easy to maintain for added convenience. Our quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that they will last for years to come, providing you with the perfect items for your infrared sauna experience. Shop now and start enjoying the benefits of relaxation today!

What’s included in your Experience Kit (Pay attention here).

  • 1x sweat-absorbing towel insert to use in the blanket; no clothes necessary.
  • 3x microfibre towels for wiping down any sweat.
  • 1x spray bottle for cleaning the blanket after use
  • 1x headband to stop sweat from getting in your eyes.
Get your Mihigh Sauna Blanket experience kit today and start enjoying the benefits in the comfort of your home.



Sauna Towel Insert - 35% bamboo 65% long-staple cotton. This provides the perfect blend of comfort and sweat absorption.

Microfiber Towels - Combining microfiber cloth for maximum water absorption and drying time. Additionally, silver ions have been added as an anti-bacterial defense.

Spray Bottle - Using a continuous spray motion, this bottle lets you get maximum spray coverage when cleaning your blanket.




1x infared sauna blanket
1x controller
1x sauna carry bag 



 Download the Mihigh Infrared Sauna Blanket User Manual here



All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

We're currently experiencing a high volume of demands. When in stock, we dispatch your blanket within 1-3 days of order, please allow 3-7 business days for delivery.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is the sauna towel insert different from a normal towel?
Your sauna towel insert is a custom-designed towel, shaped like a sleeping bag. It uses a custom blend of comfortable, sweat absorbing and hypoallergenic fabric bends to provide the ultimate experience. Simple hope inside your towel insert, then slide into your sauna blanket without having to wear clothes.

What should I put inside my spray bottle for cleaning the blanket?
Water + a natural anti-bacterial mix. Usually, lemon + apple cider vinegar works well. Otherwise, you are welcome to use any anti-bacterial mixes you have at home with water.

How should I use the three microfibre towels?
Your three towels are made up of one large and two smaller towels. The larger towel is made to go over your pillow. The two smaller towels have been designed for wiping down your face after a session or wiping down the blanket after you spray it.

Are all towels machine washable?

Does the Experience Kit come with a 30-day trial like the Sauna Blanket?
No, the Experience Kit does not come with a trial and is non-refundable after delivery.

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