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Healthyline TAJ-Mat Large 8030 Firm - Photon PEMF (Right/Standard) Inframat Pro

Healthyline TAJ-Mat Large 8030 Firm - Photon PEMF (Right/Standard) Inframat Pro

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The TAJ Mat 8030 Right Firm is the perfect solution for your health and wellness needs. You can lie on this mat on its own or combine it with a Velcro strap to the Healthyline TAJ Mat 8030 Left to create a spacious mat that fits perfectly on your queen-sized bed. The surface of the mat is loaded with round jade and tourmaline gemstones as well as crushed amethyst to give you a comprehensive gemstone therapy experience. 60 photon lights are even included on the surface to take your wellness to a new level by improving skin health. When heat is applied to the gemstones, they release both far infrared rays and negative ions. These therapies work to treat pain deep within you and rejuvenate your entire body. It also comes fully equipped with PEMF therapy. This form of electromagnetic therapy heals each of your cells which, in turn, helps your whole-body function at a more optimal level. Even if you don’t plan on using it in bed, the TAJ Mat 8030 Right Firm is the most comfortable and effective way to improve your health and wellness!

The large TAJ models
Fully loaded, top of the line 5 Therapy experience
Comes with tourmaline, amethyst, and jade
Equipped with a PEMF system
Comes with Photon LED lights
Ideal size for full-body therapy
Good size for sleeping on overnight

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Item-Structure: Firm

Dimension: 80″ x 30″ x 1.2″

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