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Dual Airflow HEPA Home Air Purifier

Dual Airflow HEPA Home Air Purifier

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Are you tired of low-quality air purifiers that do not improve the air around your home?

We've got just the thing—a Dual-Airflow HEPA Home Air Purifier! Its more innovative sensing allows it to actively monitor and adjust fan speed based on the air quality in your room, so you can be confident that every corner is receiving purified air. Plus, its 360° DuPont Filter captures all sorts of pollutants like allergens, VOC gases, and microscopic particles with no hassle. And to top it off, Ultraviolet sterilization destroys 99% of germs and viruses for a healthy environment!

Our revolutionary Pure-direct technology splits clean air into two streams for faster and more efficient delivery throughout your space. With our product drastically reducing airborne contaminants at twice the rate as other traditional cleaners, we guarantee a dramatic improvement in indoor air quality coupled with relaxation, knowing that you're living as safe as possible from unwanted bacteria.

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Dual Airflow HEPA Home Air Purifier - Home Electronics




  • SMARTER SENSING: Most traditional cleaners don't know the air quality in the room. This air purifier does and reacts. Our remote Sensor Pod will actively monitor the room's air quality and take action. Placed across the room, the Sensor Pod communicates back to the air purifier so it can automatically adjust its fan speed. This way, you can be sure the entire room is benefiting from cleaner air.
  • CAPTURES AND DESTROYS POLLUTANTS: 360-degree DuPont filtration captures pollutants such as allergens, VOC gases, and microscopic particles. Ultra-violet sterilization destroys germs and viruses that can build up on the filter, preventing the re-circulation of live germs.
  • DUAL AIRFLOW: Pure-direct proprietary technology splits clean air into two air streams, delivering purified air more comfortably and efficiently throughout the room. The result of rigorous testing has proven that bi-directional airflow provides a purified atmosphere more effectively throughout a room and, in some cases, has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient.
  • DETAILED LED DISPLAY: Air conditions in your home can change rapidly. Information is power; our air purifiers give you the ability to manage your home's air quality. The color-coded LED display will provide the peace of mind from knowing that our air purifier is taking action on your behalf. Our air purifiers were designed with a simple touch control for all the functions that matter most, including fan speeds, auto-timer, UV mode and filter replacement indicators.
  • TOTAL ROOM COVERAGE: Most traditional cleaners can leave rooms with areas of little to no air circulation or dead zones by only shooting air either vertically or straight out. Pure-direct proprietary technology uses two separate airflow streams to minimize those dead zones.



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