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Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet Wool | Healthyline

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Bedding with Benefits! Mongolian Wool & Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter, Cotton Shell 300TC 

Enjoy the best sleep of your life with our new, revolutionary Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet designed to boost your wellness and comfort throughout the night. The strength comes from our patented tourmaline fiber—the extremely beneficial tourmaline stone turned into a material similar to down. On top of that, you get to enjoy 3000 milligauss strength permanent magnets, with north polarity spread throughout the Comforter Duvet to help get the best sleep of your life. However, this isn’t just for your wellness; you get a premium piece of bedding made with the highest quality materials such as luxurious mulberry silk, Mongolian wool or Mongolian cashmere, all in a 300-thread cotton exterior. The Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet is available in sizes King (98” x 89”), Queen (89” x 89”) and Full/Twin (89” x 67”). Try our Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet and change the way you dream! 

Magnet Therapy 

The therapeutic power of magnets was found in ancient Greece. Since then, they have had many uses in alternative medicine. There are 100 permanent magnets that do not lose their strength in each Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet, creating a magnetic field around you while you sleep. When you wake up, you’ll feel increased energy and vitality.

Other benefits include temporary relief from minor pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Magnetic therapy is noninvasive, and your body will instantly recognize it as beneficial. You will feel relaxed, your body will experience temporary locally improved blood circulation and you will fall right to sleep.


What really makes this Comforter Duvet stand out is the unique tourmaline fiber. The fiber is created with a patented seven-step process: the tourmaline is crushed into a nano-powder and eventually converted to a fiber and then mixed with cotton to create tourmaline cotton. Tourmaline is naturally activated by your own body heat — it absorbs heat energy then converts it into wellness-enhancing far infrared and also negative ions. 

Far infrared is a natural energy that comes from the sun. Because of its long wavelength, it penetrates your skin and improves your wellness from deep within your core. This is all done from your own body heat, naturally, while you sleep. Far infrared is well known in alternative medicine and tourmaline is an excellent provider of it. Tourmaline also releases negative ions which will help you wake up feeling energized. 

Mongolian Wool

Mongolian wool is higher quality than traditional wool. It is silky to the touch and is shorter and cleaner than traditional wool. It is treated carefully to remove any dirt or dust, allowing the fibers to blend easier. This type of wool also has moisture control and is warm, making it perfect to use during any season. Mongolian wool is durable and its quality lasts longer than traditional wool.


If you’re pregnant, use a pacemaker or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, consult a physician before purchasing this product.

We always recommend using any kind of duvet cover for the best possible protection of the mat. If you are to clean the comforter itself, please only hand wash it at 30ºF and leave it to dry flat. Do not dry clean or machine wash or dry.

Different Sizes/Weight/Other Information

This Comforter Duvet comes in King (98” x 88”), Queen (88” x 88”), and Full/Twin (88” x 67”). Experience wellness benefits, regardless of your bed size. The Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet is made with all-natural materials. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odor resistant. The duvet comforter weighs 2-3 pounds on its own. With additional layers, it weighs between 4-8 pounds.


Our Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter Duvet is unlike anything you’ll experience with a traditional duvet. We use high-end materials to ensure comfort while also providing the strongest wellness components. Whether you choose Mongolian wool, Mulberry silk, or Mongolian cashmere, you still enjoy the benefits of magnets as well as tourmaline that provides far infrared and negative ions. There’s nothing better than improving the quality of your sleep.


Available with no magnets if you have a pacemaker or are sensitive to magnets.

Dry clean only — use a duvet cover to keep it clean.

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