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Healthyline Rainbow Chakra Mat Small (4020) - Inframat Pro 3rd Edition

Healthyline Rainbow Chakra Mat Small (4020) - Inframat Pro 3rd Edition

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The Rainbow Chakra Mat is your spiritual guide to reaching a deeper connection with yourself and the world.

The Rainbow Chakra Mat 4020 combines the holistic healing of 5 natural therapies into one conveniently sized mat. The surface is filled with 7 distinct gemstones, each of which has a natural energy that pairs with one of the 7 chakra points within you. When you lie on the mat, the gemstones realign your chakra points to remove any blockages preventing you from feeling your best. The gemstones are also heated, releasing far-infrared rays 4 to 6 inches into the core of the body to alleviate muscle and joint tension. Far infrared is also deeply relaxing, helping to provide a sense of serenity. Negative ion therapy takes this a step further by detoxing your body to enhance your mood.

Inside the mat is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to stimulate cells within you and ridding the body of any electrical interference blocking the chakras. You can also set the magnetic frequency to 7.83 hertz, the natural frequency of Earth, to reestablish your body’s biorhythm to its natural state. The surface of the mat even has rainbow photon light therapy that uses multi-colored LED lights to revitalize your skin. And because all of the therapies included in Rainbow Chakra Mat 4020 are natural, you are able to reestablish yourself with nature­–all to help you live your healthiest life!

Benefit from 7 well-known gemstones
Balance and cleanse chakra points
Enhance the effectiveness of Reiki therapy
Fully functional PEMF therapy system
7 color Photon Lights
Improve general physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
Low level far infrared and negative ion exposure
Portable and lightweight
Good for pets

Channel your inner peace and balance your mind, body, and soul. Our largest rainbow mat yet will help you cleanse your chakras.

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